After searching the Internet here are the five ways that I found to be more creative.

  1. Drink to much coffee.
  2. Surround yourself with creative people.
  3. Write down a list of ideas.
  4. Practice the Golden Rule of Creativity.
  5. Walk away and do something else if you are not on a tight deadline

I do not think that drinking to much coffee is way to be more creative. I am a coffee drinker and it has never helped me be creative. If I drink too much of it I either have a headache or I am full of energy for a few hours and then it goes down hill from there.

Surrounding yourself with creative people can inspire you to be like them and be more creative. A creative environment can affect the way you think, act, and refresh you with new ideas. Don’t isolate yourself. I can see where this would be very helpful in being creative.

It always helps me to write down a list when I am trying to come up with creative ways to fix something or improve it. I am able to see it on paper and visualize it better. You can also make charts by putting the problems on one side and the ideas to fix it on the other side and then connect everything together.

Practice the Golden Rule of Creativity is something that I was not familiar with. This rule is based on teams that help each other and share their ideas. When you find and article or have an idea that may help the person out that is on your team you will share the information. The more information that is shared the more ideas that will be generated and the team can come up with creative idea.

Sometimes walking away and doing something different can help be creative. If you are constantly working on the same thing day in and day out it can become boring and frustrating at time. I often use this advice when I am writing long papers. I will start writing the paper and then when I get to the point that I can’t think anymore I quit and come back later.

I think the ideas in the chapter are all very good. Paying attention to change is the one idea that I agree with the most. If you are not watching what is changing then you won’t know why it failed. Not listening to the naysayers is borderline for me because sometimes you have to listen but that doesn’t mean that you completely believe them or disregard them. If you never listen you may do a lot of work that doesn’t need to be done but on the other hand if you do listen you may not really know the result unless you try it yourself.


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